GrantMeAdmission: The End (and the Beginning)

When I started this blog I was really lost. I didn’t really know who I was, or what I wanted in life.


However, I knew that I wanted to grow my career and get out of the shrinking manufacturing industry.


So I embarked on a journey. I wanted to get the “right top MBA and help others along the way.” That was the vision. And as overjoyed as I was helping others, looking at resumes, reading essays, doing mock interviews, and seeing my peers get into HBS, GSB, Kellogg, etc, I hated that I felt stuck.


I did not get into a program. TWICE! How was I going to get a job in consulting? How was I going to leverage my consulting experience into a leadership role in a major company in a new growing industry?


The failure was tough to swallow for me and hit me hard. And in the depth of that despair, I found myself. I made the decision that this would not hold me back.


Within a month of my final rejection letter, I was interviewing at a dream job at a big company in entertainment in Los Angeles. I would be working with the top brands supporting the highest levels of the company.


I got the job and moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. 


The plan was to leverage this role and experience to get into a top program after a couple of years. But as I grew in the group, fell in love with the company, I realized that I didn’t want to leave.


A mentor asked me, “Why would you leave, when ultimately you want to stay in our company?”


And then the impossible happened. I was promoted into leadership.


There I was, living my dream. This was the goal that I had, be a leader in an industry that I loved.


And so I decided to pivot.


Today, I was accepted to UCLA Anderson’s FEMBA program. It is a part-time program that will allow me to grow my career, while bolstering my abilities. This is not the journey that I had imagined, but I still got to my final destination.


To be clear, a part-time MBA is right for me, not for everyone. I still firmly believe that a full-time program is one of the best investments anyone can make.


I just got lucky.


My final piece of advice: Work hard, don’t give up, and find a way.


To all my fans out there:

Thank you so much for following my journey. Thank you for the countless notes, emails, and words of encouragement. I hope that I was able to give back more than I received. And for those fans that have gotten in to the top schools, I am so proud of your accomplishments, and I hope to meet you someday.

PS: I want to highlight some great resources


GMAT: Check out how I got a 710 on my first try with Magoosh.



B-School Apps: Check out Applicant Lab. This website has SOOOOO much good quality information in easy to watch videos. PLUS the advice is tailored to your career and school choice. In my opinion, this is the FUTURE of business school consulting (I am not affiliated with the organization, nor do I accept money from them).


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