Getting Ready for B-School this Fall? Check this out now!!!

Hello everyone! Normally I blog for fellow applicants who are in the process of applying to a top business school. However, many readers and fellow bloggers have succeeded and are preparing for business school this fall (i.e. TopDogMBA and ScottDuncan), and this post is intended for them.

I recently received an email from Pedago, a learning software company founded by Tom Adams who is the founder of Rosetta Stone and an EY Entrepreneur of the Year winner. The email details out a FREE new learning program targeting individuals that are preparing for their first year of business school. Below are the contents of the email and some screen shots of their website.

I hope you guys sign up, because are only 187 spots left! (as of the published date)


What is Smartly?

Pedago4Smartly is a free resource that prepares incoming business school students for the first term of their MBA program in the areas of accounting, statistics, finance, and microeconomics.
The program is completely free to sign up and it takes about 4 to 5 hours to complete, so it’s perfect for the summer when students might be preoccupied with other considerations.
We have a number of students from schools like HBS, INSEAD, and LBS that are current users of the program who have found it extremely helpful and fast as a refresher in core areas that they will be expected to have competency in when classes start in the fall. It’s also a great supplement to any required pre-class courses that are required by the school.
If you’d like to check the resource out, you can access it at

Screenshots of the Smartly Website
PedagoPedago2Pedago 3

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2 Responses to “Getting Ready for B-School this Fall? Check this out now!!!”

  1. topdogmba

    Thanks bud. I already saw this through the MIT Sloan Facebook community – great to have so many people looking out for me!

    I’m definitely a little rusty on microeconomics and Calculus (not covered by Smartly I don’t think) and will be boning up over the summer.

    Best of luck with your re-applications!


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