New design, New vision

It’s been almost 11 months (and 160,000 views) since I started my online journey, and what a journey it has been. Over the last 11 months, I have retaken the GMAT and applied to 5 top programs. And now I am doing it again (albeit a little stronger and smarter). Over 200 people are following my journey now, and I wanted to announce that I am changing my vision slightly. (I also have updated my header and logo!!!)

When one of my posts/interviews went public via Poets & Quants and Fortune, I received a lot of feedback–both online and in-person. The feedback varied, but one comment especially stood out: “This guy just wants a top program.” This comment kept reappearing in different variants. The culmination was a mentor mentioning my vision statement: “Get a top MBA and helps others along the way.” He said, “It doesn’t speak to me. It doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t give a good depiction of you and what you bring to the table.”

The conversation continued, and ultimately I realized that he was right.


I need to be honest with myself (and the Adcom)
If I had to be brutally honest, I was more concerned with rankings and job placement, than with fit and personality. Although, the latter two were priorities, they did not play into the decision making process as much as they probably should have. Ultimately, this led to a mix-up of visions and to a confusing story to adcoms (in my opinion). I got caught up in the game of trying to “tell them what they wanted to hear” instead of what I really wanted to communicate my vision, background and personality.

The new vision
“To get the right top MBA, and help others along the way.” Going forward I am going to be more proactive and applying to schools that not only fit my career goals, but also fit my personality. This change most likely will lead to the inclusion of MIT and Duke, and then the exclusion of HBS and Yale. I also will most likely be applying to Berkeley and Stanford now as I am dropping the importance of attending on the East Coast. But I will save all this for another post in the future! Until then, enjoy the new header on the main page and the new “About Me” section!

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4 Responses to “New design, New vision”

  1. DorkusMaximus


    As a follower of your application journey and as someone who has benefited from reading this blog, I want to wish you good luck! In case you need any help with your applications, GMAT etc. feel free to do so.

  2. topdogmba

    Nice my friend, very nice!

    I had to tweak my schools when I went through the re-appraisal process (I think HBS even says on their website ‘don’t even bother re-applying’ or words to that effect!) and it makes a lot of sense to go through that exercise.

    And impressive stats too! My only advice would be to prioritise your application strategy and update your blog as and when you can, not the other way around. This led to some gaps in my posts I admit but I would definitely keep this in mind, although I love reading your posts of course 🙂


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