Applying Again: Pre-MBA Programs, MOOC’s and the GMAT

I LOVE life right now. Work is going great, my non-profit initiative is making great progress, and I am enjoying the fantastic California weather. However, April is PRIME TIME to start prepping for applying in the Fall/Winter of this year. I have been pretty busy, and I wanted to update you on some of my progress.

[Applied to the] Riordan MBA Fellows Program
A couple of weeks ago, I submitted my Riordan MBA Fellows Program application.

The program is located in Los Angeles and “Its core purpose is to educate, prepare, and motivate these individuals to competitively apply and succeed in a top MBA program and a career in management.” The program is fantastic! I have met and networked with several of the alumni and current participants, all of whom sport brands such at HBS, GSB, Wharton, Tuck, etc.

This program has shown to help applicants hone their story, create a great foundation for applying, and network with other high potentials. It is difficult to get in, so we will see how it goes!

Enrolled in MOOC [x2]
I have a deep passion for learning. Since it has been about five years since my undergrad, I want to get back in the practice of listening to lectures, learning, and growing my knowledge base.  So, I decided to enroll in two MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from Wharton and Darden. One will be in Marketing (an interest of mine), and the other is in Project Management (directly helpful with my many projects). I am pretty excited and will start “class” next week!

GMAT…. Third try for the 760
Starting…. NOW. This go-around I will be utilizing my Magoosh account, Manhattan books, and gmatclub. I am hoping to find a new study guide and study 3-4 months (as opposed to two months the last two times I took the GMAT). I am also hoping to augment my GMAT guide and provide insights on my experience in the blog. I am going to ramp the data tracking focusing on % correct by question type/subject matter and also timing. I know that a higher GMAT will help me differentiate myself.

Next Steps
As I wait to hear back about my application to the Riordan MBA Fellows Program, I plan on ramping up my GMAT studying. I am also excited to start my MOOC’s. I am still working on next evolution of GrantMeAdmission. In fact, the next post will contain changes and adjustments. I also want to make sure to update you on the progress of my peers–many of them have good news! Make sure to subscribe on the main page to not miss anything!

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10 Responses to “Applying Again: Pre-MBA Programs, MOOC’s and the GMAT”

  1. topdogmba

    I like it! 🙂

    Very interesting about the MOOCs too (I’m also studying one from Wharton on leadership) although not sure they directly impact your desirability as an MBA candidate.

    You might also want to check out MIT’s Sloan Fellows and Stanford’s MSx programs – had to do some serious thinking about those!

    Looking forward to the next update!

  2. Michelle

    I see we are targeting the same schools. Have you visited any of them?

  3. Nitish Gera

    Hey man!,
    I’m in a pretty similar situation to yours. Got dinged from my dream schools last year, applying again this year.

    Coincidentally even I have enrolled for the MOOC that you’re talking about. I wanted your two cents on this –
    *Do you think it’s worth buying the Signature Track on Coursera for that course. (would it make a difference if our certificates are verifiable)?
    *Do you think that taking relevant MOOC’s (to our goals) make a difference in our MBA app?

    • GrantMeAdmission

      Hey there! I’m not sure about the signature track (but I did it anyway since the cost is nominal for me); I don’t think MOOC’s make a difference on the MBA app (I’m doing it to learn and get myself ready to take classes). Thanks for following and good luck!


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