GrantMeAdmission: The Results are In!

It has been awhile. I am currently sitting in a cafe in Los Angeles contemplating these last few months. From May to October I worked my butt off. Putting together a conference, fundraising, <re>taking the GMAT, blogging, working two jobs at my company, leading special assignments, getting promotions, and applying for b-school…. all on 4 hours of sleep. From October to now I was non-stop traveling, working, non-profits, corporate, side gigs, etc.


I should have never taken on that much….

Harvard: Dinged without an interview
Wharton: Dinged without an interview
Yale: Dinged without an interview
Kellogg: Dinged
Tuck: Dinged

Inside of a ring or out ain't nothing wrong with going down it's staying down that's wrongI’m not going to lie; it is incredibly hard for me to share these results. I have a mixture of emotions: angry with myself for becoming unfocused, embarrassed for a public failure, sad that I didn’t accomplish my goal, nervous for my future, happy for those that I have helped, etc.

I have received countless emails from my followers (sorry for the lack of response). Thank you for your support, and I am sorry that I haven’t been on the ball. For those that have been accepted into the school of their dreams, I am so incredibly happy and fiercely proud of you and your accomplishments. I am so happy to have played a <small> role in your fantastic accomplishment. This next stage of your life will open doors that you do not even have visibility of, and if I could meet you in person I would give you the biggest high-five I possibly could.

But ultimately, I feel that I have let you down.

While I will address my dings in another post, I want to focus on my apology to my readers. It is incredibly difficult to fail publicly and to own up to it. I am deeply sorry. This is a new world for me. At the end of the day, I did not give enough of myself to the process, and I paid for it.

The realist adjusts his sail. - Imgur

Life outside the B-School Race
Beyond the craziness of the B-School Race, my life/career has really picked up! I just closed a deal to switch companies/industries/jobs/states. I will be transitioning from Aerospace/Defense at the program level to Entertainment at the corporate level. The job features a LOT of visibility, and I am VERY excited. I will be moving in the coming weeks. I also am well into my executive non-profit “job” and am very happy with all the progress my team has made. These professional successes have been able to soften the “b-school blow” a bit.

Next Steps

ZxXc37XThis month I will be leaving my company, my industry, and the East Coast. I will be moving to the heart of Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry (or simply The Industry). It will be exciting, fascinating, and a brand new space to explore my potential.

My B-School dreams are not done either. While I will not be applying R2 this year, I will be applying to a “pre-MBA” program call the Riordan MBA Fellows Program. I will be re-taking the GMAT and studying stress-free for fourth months (760 please!!!). I will be starting the process in the summer, bringing in my contacts and having several people review my resume and essays.

It’s a brave new world, and I will be giving my all.

The vision has not changed: Get a top MBA and help others along the way!

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45 Responses to “GrantMeAdmission: The Results are In!”

  1. Jonathan Taves

    Hang in there. Your determination is admirable. Remember what Thomas Edison once said: “I’m not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” Your goal’s within reach.

  2. RoadToMyMBA

    I´m at work right now but had to stop to read your post. You´re a great person with a strong character to share the results with us.You are such an inspiration through this hard journey towards our MBA goals! Keep it up my friend, you have an incredible attitude and determination!

  3. NaijaMBAgal

    Welcome back. Missed reading from you.

    With or without an MBA, you’re a great person who will do amazing things. Its just a matter of time. Keep your eyes on the prize.

    All the best with the new job.

  4. nipun

    I usually don’t comment, but FWIW, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and it’s helped me a lot, so even if things didn’t work out this time, you should know that your blog was a success. You write clearly, and I’d probably follow a blog from you on another topic as well

  5. domotron

    Grant sorry to hear the bad news. If there is anything I can help with just let me know.

  6. Pro GMAT

    Well, time is to get a notepad and write down the bullet points of things which went wrong whether its essay, recommends, or gmat score. You already have so many new year resolutions. 😀
    But with this experience, you are way ahead of other 2015 applicants. I think, you need a break right now.
    And you changed your industry! That’s cool.

  7. DorkusMaximus

    You were one of the reasons that got me really excited about applying to Tuck. This is incredibly heart breaking for you an even for me (although I never commented on your blog) as a follower of your journey. I really wish and hope you achieve all that you set out for in this New Year. Best of luck from India!

  8. pullingthatmbatrigger

    Hi there GrantMeAdmission, it’s so great to have you back. You have absolutely no reason to be embarrassed because there is no way in hell you’re a “public failure”. You have every right to be disappointed and upset (I know I was too) but that doesn’t make you a failure.

    Applying to business school is an immensely difficult thing to do… I know people who put off applying or even applied for a master’s in science or technology instead of an MBA because it was “too hard”. We chose to apply and we chose to document every step of the process. My blog is mostly for me, but YOU have compiled so many useful resources for every applicant out there, so really, I’m certain that no one who reads your blog will consider this setback a failure.

    I’m super happy that things in your career are moving along so wonderfully. Like I always remind myself, it’s all going to be okay in the end… and if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end! Life is setting you up for bigger and better things, and you have the goodwill of a ton of people you don’t even know. Here’s wishing you the best!

    • GrantMeAdmission

      I really appreciate your note! I am currently waiting for my flight back to the East Coast (amd snow); it made me smile. Thank you for your support and kind words!

      “Onward and Upward!”

  9. topdogmba

    Oh man. I’m sorry to read those results. I’ve been thinking a lot about you and I’m gutted to hear that your MBA journey has been extended.

    As you know, I was in the exact same position as you (five apps, two interviews but five dings) one year ago when I decided to start my re-application blog; I also lost some sleep last month fearing another round of failures, but it was a lot easier re-applying. You can focus, already know so many things about the schooks you’re applying to, get a headstart on the other kids. Man, you’re going to crush it if you still want it!

    So, take some time out young sir, catch your breath, beat yourself up a bit (check out my early posts!) if you need to, but resolve to come back harder and stronger! I missed you too btw 😉

  10. hugoness

    Man, I am so sorry to hear this. It is hard to have had such a big focus on sometihng and put so much effor into it and not quite achieving you goal. But you are coming out of it empty handed…you have gained a great experience that I am sure will help you in your new job and also when you try again. I say go for it with all you have.

    I truly hope you keep posting and sharing your accomplishment with all us! Because for what I read, you have had a ton of success.

    Keep us posted


  11. MBA on my mind

    I am so sorry grantmeadmission! I know it must be a major blow getting bad news from your schools.
    But I think there is a bigger plan in motion, you are destined for great things! Motor on! Your admit to your dream school is on the horizon!
    Congratulations on you move and big promotion!

    Also, we have missed your posts! Do keep us in the loop!

  12. K

    I am sensing a Harvard admit in a few months! Long-time reader, first-time poster. You have been an inspiration! I also recommend you look at LBS, would love to have you as my class-mate 🙂

  13. tunetapper

    I am sensing a HBS admit in a few months! Long time reader, first time poster. You have been an inspiration! I also recommend you apply to LBS, would love to have you as a classmate 🙂

  14. Mandy

    Glad to hear you are going to LA! Working in entertainment in LA or NY is my post-MBA goal so I smiled when I read about your plans. BTW I really appreciated all the resources on this blog. They were super helpful during the arduous application process. I look forward to reading your de-brief on the dings and any thoughts you have for why that might have happened, especially with regard to how R2 candidates can learn from your experience at the interviews.


  15. ajajja

    I got dinged at 5 top schools last year. Improved myself (GMAT + work exp quality) and applied to 5 more this year, receiving 2 admissions. its tough…it really really really is…but dude, you will do it next year. no doubt. everything happens for a reason.

  16. DivCoBuddy

    Oh man, Grant…I’m terribly sorry to hear that news. You worked incredibly hard, and you should feel confident that you put forward great applications. These schools are simply missing out on having you add value to their communities.

    And I must say how much I admire your resilient spirit. I’m glad to hear that you’re going to apply again next year. Enjoy starting your new job and moving back to L.A. (best city…ever), and enjoying making the incredible strides in your career that are sure to come. Business school isn’t going anywhere, so keep on keepin’ on…you’ll make it happen.

    And don’t forget – bschool is NOT the end goal. It shouldn’t be your dream. Bschool is the means by which you can reach your end goal, and that end goal is the dream. 🙂

  17. Ellie

    Hi there! I had been checking in here to hear from you and while I am sad to here that 2014 wasn’t the year, I can truly appreciate how hard it is to come out and share it with so many people publicly. I did that last year and went through the same set of emotions. That said, and am sure you would have realized from all the incredible people commenting above, that this invisible, vocal community here is truly amazing. And, to echo all the readers of the blog, we think you are incredible 🙂 . You may not have made it to your target schools this year but you did incredible things that make 2014 such a success for you!

    Good luck for all the changes and if you ever end up applying to Fuqua, holler! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  18. MBAreapplicant84

    Hey Grantmeadmission, sorry to hear about the dings. I am all to familiar with that feeling. Keep your head up, good things are ahead! I am glad to hear that you are applying to the Riordan MBA fellows program. I have a few classmates at Anderson that went through the program and really found it helpful, I hope you are accepted. If you ever visit Anderson when you move to LA, let me know!

  19. Linda Abraham


    I’m sorry to read about the rejections. At Accepted, we have a lot of resources for reapplicants. If you go to Accepted and then do a site search for MBA reapplicant, you’ll find them quickly. I can also say that you are already doing much of what we advise. (I’m not posting the link because I suspect it may block the post from appearing.)

    I give you a lot of credit for writing about your disappointing results publicly, analyzing what may have gone wrong, and committing to move on. If you keep it up, I’m confident you’ll see a very different outcome next year.

    Congrats on the new job! It can only help next time around.

    Welcome to LA!

    Linda Abraham

    • GrantMeAdmission

      It’ll be good to be back in LA (I am originally from there before my 3 year stint on the East Coast). Thank you for your support and resources!

  20. Innocent Bystander

    You have accomplished more in your life than I ever would dream. I admire you for your ability to try and not fear failure. That alone already makes you a success. Best of luck with what ever you choose to pursue!

  21. Baloo

    Hi, just stumbled across your site via a P&Q featured article. Just wondering – if you’re interested in attending a top-tier school located in a bucolic rural setting which relies heavily on the case method, have you considered Darden. Current First Year, Round 3 admit from last year. You might have a great shot here, especially with such a compelling story. I wish you luck!

  22. Senthil

    I wish I had studied with you in the MBA program.

    You will be so successful both in the MBA program and outside in the corporate/business world. It is just a matter of time.


  23. Tram Nguyen


    Hang in there! Welcome to LA! I did the same move myself a year ago. I’m glad to hear that you’ll be applying to the Riordan MBA Fellows program. I’m a current Fellow and have really enjoyed the program. I’d would recommend it. Would like to share/connect you to the director if you’re interested.



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