MBA Journey Update!


Hello everyone, short post today to update you on my applications.


We are sorry . . .
So I ended up getting the “ding” at HBS today. I knew HBS was going to be a longshot for me, especially with the 710 GMAT. While I won’t lie and say it doesn’t hurt, I am still upbeat for my four other schools of Tuck, Wharton, Yale, and Kellogg. There are many paths to success, I just need to find mine!

Interviews . . .
Speaking of Tuck and Kellogg, I have interviews with both schools in the coming weeks. Next week I will be driving to beautiful Hanover, New Hampshire to interview for the second time. The week after I will be flying to Chicago to visit and interview at Kellogg. I am very excited for both trips as these schools are known to have the two BEST cultures in the elite MBA ranks. I am hoping to do an interview post coming up.

For my readers and friends that got the HBS interview . . .
Kick ass in the next few weeks. Some of the best people I have ever spoken to or met have been because of this blog. Life is an amazing journey full of peaks and valleys. My goal this year was to get a top MBA and help others along the way…. and it makes me so happy to be part of others’ successes and journeys.

Go and own your life!

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28 Responses to “MBA Journey Update!”

  1. Deborah

    That does suck! HBS loss, maybe someone can provide feedback if you go to an event? Either way your blog is just as awesome as you are and your doing a great great job educating and encouraging more people then you may ever get comments from!

    Thank you 🙂

  2. topdogmba

    Screw HBS I say!

    You are definitely not alone with that outcome – it’s almost a rite of passage to be dinged by them before you can be considered a true MBA applicant 🙂

    I know you’re going to bring home those other interviews. Good luck!

  3. NaijaMBAgal

    It wasn’t your first choice but it’s their loss. You’ll definitely get that magical “accepted”. Keep your chin up and kick ass on your upcoming interviews.

  4. Lady

    Boo HBS!! everything happens for a reason.. I know you will kick some ass at your Kellogg and Tuck interviews. Wishing you all the best! 🙂

  5. Cristal Garcia

    I appreciate your sharing this. If life were a recipe, a pinch of setback here and a dash of error there are absolutely necessary. Good luck with Tuck and Kellogg interviews.

    • GrantMeAdmission

      Thank you for reading and thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement.. Although painful, I have found that sharing setbacks and failures encourages and strengthens others…. Success can only exist with failure! Hope you continue to follow my journey!

  6. mbablackgirl

    HBS Loss indeed!
    Thanks for sharing and I’m sure the B school that is just for you will fit like a glove. Good luck with Tuck and Kellogg in the coming weeks too.
    Keep us posted and keep striving!!

  7. MBA on my mind

    Honestly, Grantmeadmission it’s HBS’s loss. You are brilliant candidate. Too bad for them.

    You are going to be spoilt for choice when Tuck, Wharton, Kellogg and Yale fight over you. Go nail those interviews! Best of luck!

  8. Ellie

    I wonder if schools also have FOMO moments? They’d surely have one for you – good luck with the other schools though! 🙂

  9. ProGMAT

    It was just hsb not HSB!! Fake love never lasts forever. Ding HSB, and move on. Look at your school selection, all are in a different league. And you know which one is your first love. Your girlfriend is waiting ahead. Date is fixed. Just show your love there. 😉
    All the Best!!

  10. hugoness

    The best of luck with Tuck and Kellogg!! HBS is in the past, don´t let that bother you, in the end, it is difficult to get in at every school you apply to, right? 🙂 Keep us posted!

  11. pullingthatmbatrigger

    HBS can suck it! You’re going to have your pick of schools so it’s absolutely their loss. Good luck interviewing at Tuck and Kellogg! I wish I could visit the Tuck campus, it looks beautiful.

  12. Brandon

    Hey GMA. You are one of the most prolific bloggers in this space and your energy inspires others. There’s a reason why you’ve got 50k views and counting! Harvard doesn’t know what it passed up on.


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