Back from the dead…


I’m BACK!!!

Sorry for my hiatus everyone. I just got done with 5 weeks of 5 applications. I wanted to hit on some initial thoughts I’ve had on the last few weeks, and then dive deeper into the application process tomorrow.


Dealing with Disappointment (710 on the GMAT again)
Studying 120 hours only to get a 710 on the GMAT again was a major hit to my psyche. To be honest, I am still not 100% about my candidacy. Although I have great work experience, promotions, and goals, I feel that not achieving my target is a major detriment to my candidacy. To be honest, I let my disappointment distract me from my goals/vision of getting a top MBA AND helping others along the way. (sorry everyone!)

Lesson learned: Mourn the loss and MOVE ON!!! Life (and the application process) is too short to be distracted on events that you cannot change.


Staying on top of your recommenders
My recommenders are PHENOMENAL. All my applications had 0 issues; however, many times I felt I should have been reminding them of deadlines.

Lesson learned: Send regular reminders to help your recommenders stay on track!


Get your essays done early…. and then edit…
Just write. Really…. I need to listen to my own advice. I ended up writing 8 essays for 5 schools. None of which were copies (all original). It was really tough, but ultimately I think there is a certain balance of understanding 1) Who you are, 2) What are your goals, and 3) Why you want an MBA. That “pre-work” really helped me write my essays.

Lesson learned: Understand your story and JUST WRITE!!!


Budget for applications and other expenses
I’m terrible at budgeting. I ended up overspending….

Lesson learned: Make sure your MBA battle chest is big!!!


If anything can go wrong at work…. IT WILL
Work has been RIDICULOUS. It is a VERY tumultuous time for my industry. Let’s just say that my particular firm is “slimming down” which is creating a lot of strain on my workload. Thankfully, a lot of good things are happening in my own career, AND I ended up getting a promotion within my non-profit (I am now on the national executive leadership team). I just wish I had more time . . . I ended up reaching out to a friend that is a lawyer to understand how she manages her time, and see if I could apply some lessons learned to my own life.

Lesson learned: Understand that you will have an insane schedule…. make sure you allocate your hours appropriately


Take time to enjoy the good parts of life
I made a conscious effort to not zone out my friends this year, and it has paid off! Encouragement, support, and stress-relief all allowed me to stay mentally competitive and in tune with my surroundings.

Lesson learned: Your goals are great, but make sure you don’t sacrifice what’s makes LIFE great


Here is some parting words from a favorite comedian of mine:



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