What MBA Blogs does an MBA Blogger read?

What blogs do I read? Let’s examine some of my currently favorite MBA bloggers!



bumpypicMBA on My Mind: Road to Business School

Still at the top of my list (although everyone has been stepping their blogging game up), MoMM created an AMAZING tally chart to compare their target schools and is currently studying for the GMAT. MoMM is on their to a cool 760 (I’m pretty sure the test is coming up soon).



Currently my second favorite, twc is an AMAZING writer. She just revealed her great GMAT score (via The Results are In), but she is planning on taking it again in 1-2 months. She is determined to get that 720!



efEF Essays

My third favorite is EF Essays. Methodical, comprehensive and leaving no stone unturned, EFE is currently going over GMAT principles. The last post on CR principles was great, and I absolutely recommend taking a look at the blog.



I have REALLY been enjoying the “Think for yourself” series in regards to schools’ backgrounds and profiles. There is a great post on how TopDog is scheduling their time. Make sure to check it out in its full glory!




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9 Responses to “What MBA Blogs does an MBA Blogger read?”

  1. topdogmba

    Wow! Thanks for the publicity!

    I’d love to say that I have stuck to my timetable but, as you know, it’s a pretty fluid process. Lots of discipline is required to sit and write (at least in my case!) but it’s also not worth rushing an essay just to stay “on schedule”.

    With only a few weeks to go until submission, it’s just a matter of keeping my head above water right now!

    Luckily a dog has four paws to paddle with! 😉

  2. MBA on my mind

    Heyy buddy!! thanks for the encouragement! Your posts are such an inspiration, especially the GMAT related ones at this point! I’ve got about a month to go now! *eeek*
    How are your apps cooking?!


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