My Journey to 760 (Part 5) – 710 AGAIN

*This is part of a series on my journey to get a 760. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4 can be found here.


Despite getting 730 on my practice tests, I still ended up with a 710 (Q47, V41). Obviously I am pretty disappointed, but I’ll take it. A 710 is still a great score (92 percentile), it just means I will have to really sell the other parts of the application. I am also pretty disappointed that I let my readers down… just got to find a different way to stand out in the application now!

The silver lining:

There is a little bit of silver lining in this situation: Tuck allows you to combine your Quantitative and Verbal scores from different tests. So for Tuck, I will be able to report a 730 (whew).

Lessons learned

I clearly had WAY TOO MUCH on my plate (3 jobs, plus 2 non-profit jobs). I am still a big believer in my process and highly suggest these top 6 key resources for the GMAT. Here are my lessons learned:

  1. Take the GMAT early (don’t do it while you are applying like me…. TWICE)
  2. Allow yourself plenty of time to study; I had way too much stuff going on
  3. A high score is achievable for ANYONE… I still believe that

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26 Responses to “My Journey to 760 (Part 5) – 710 AGAIN”

  1. farhan

    Congratulations, I have been following your journey, its quite inspiring do you think too much concentration on Verbal during your prep resulted in a dip in your quant. I have been following a similar pattern, you have been juggling with too many things, I am glad I came across your blog. Good luck with your apps.

  2. topdogmba

    Hey buddy. 710 is still an awesome score – congratulations! There are so many things that can affect the score on the day, as well as a big element of luck (not unlike the application process too I feel!).

    I did my GMAT the year before I applied to b school and promised I’d accept it if it was at least 700. At the time (2012) most guides felt that was competitive at any school and your time was better spent on other parts of your application.

    You’ve made such great progress on your essays, recommendations etc. – as well as inspiring so many of us fellow applicants with your dedication – I’m sure you’re going to ace the applications.

    The GMAT is only a battle and not the war!

    • GrantMeAdmission

      Thanks for the advice and perspective topdog…. You are absolutely right about the GMAT being only one part of the application and only a battle!

  3. MBA on my mind

    710 is a brilliant score, seriously! I’d give my right arm to get that score. Although, I suppose its a little disappointing after the effort you have put in but Like topdogmba says the GMAT is only a battle and not the war. I am sure you have stellar components to work into your application, I mean 3 Jobs AND 2 Non profits?? Your essays will be freaking amazing!
    Motor onnnn!
    Sending truckload of positive vibes and hugs your way!

  4. Scott Duncan

    Nothing wrong with a 710! You’re well into the 80th percentile ranges in the schools you’re applying to. And, it’s one less thing on your already full plate to worry about.

    Best of luck, R1 will be over soon!

  5. scltn

    GMA – I know 710 is not the score that you were looking for but it still a very solid score to submit with your applications! Your work profile is amazing, and your non-profit work really adds a lot of value to your application! With such credential and a test score of 710, any school will be lucky to have you on-board! Work on your essays and applications for now and leave this battle for another day! (‘Tis but a scratch!)

    If you want, you can retake the test once you submit your applications and report the updated score. Most schools have an option to submit updated scores at a later stage.

  6. texaswannabecali

    710 is an amazing score!! Don’t let it get you down. As reiterated by everyone above, you have alot going for you in other aspects of your application and any school will be lucky to have you 🙂

  7. pullingthatmbatrigger

    First of all, 710. Same as me so high five! So let me start off by saying that initially, I was a tad bit disappointed with my own score since I knew I could have gotten more quite easily. But the more I know about the application process, the less I worry about it. After you cross 700, 20 odd points here and there don’t really make much of a difference, especially when the rest of your application is strong. And yours definitely is! You shouldn’t have to worry at all. This is more than enough to give you a fair chance at all the schools you’re looking at. Just focus on putting your best foot forward in your applications!

  8. NaijaMBAgal

    First, congratulations for sharing your journey in so much detail, then congratulations for not scoring lower than you scored before, then another congratulations for scoring above 700 and finally congratulations for being in the 80 percentile range of all the schools you’re targeting.

    It may not be the score you wanted, but its a great score and you’ve got a strong application, you just have to show it well to the adcom. I don’t think this score lowers your chances, I think it increases them because it will force you to focus on other aspects of your application. I know you’ll do great.

    • GrantMeAdmission

      Thank you so much…. you are definitely right… I like how you view it… It definitely will force to really examine my apps and make sure they are representing me 100% correctly!

  9. ProGMAT

    Great score indeed… Don’t worry… 700+ is done.. now focus on essays and bang!! If your application is strong, they will consider it as 710+30.. So as you have rocked the GMAT.. now its time to rock the floor with your essays.. Good work GMA.!! Good luck for R1..!! 🙂

  10. RoadToMyMBA

    Congratulations, GrantMeAdmission! 710 is a brilliant score and you’ve done it twice! For us, all your readers, it’s been a great incentive to see the great effort you’re making to explain us you path to success. Keep it up!

  11. domotron

    It was still worth your time trying again since that was the thing that the admissions team highlighted. Although you didn’t better your score necessarily, you have shown that you can take on board their comments. Best of luck and as always I am happy to be a resource whenever you need!

  12. Ergen

    good luck with your application) But what do you think went wrong in the exam?

    • GrantMeAdmission

      I honestly don’t think anything went wrong in particular. I think lately I’ve been working a lot and under a lot of stress. Ultimately it is absolutely critical that you study for and take the GMAT during the Fall/Winter before you apply.


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