My Journey to 760 (Part 3) – The Breakthrough

*This is part of a series on my journey to get a 760. Part 1 & Part 2 can be found here.

With about 3 weeks left, I am starting my INSANE study schedule.  I have been trying to follow my rigorous schedule, I have been using The Economist’s GMAT Tutor and I am about 78% completed.  Even though my goal is 150 hours of studying, I have only been averaging about 10 hours a week (I need to kick it up a notch).

Results of my second practice test (OG)

730!!!!!! I took my second practice test and got a 730 (Q47, V44)! I am ecstatic with my Verbal score. I have been concentrating exclusively on Verbal the last two weeks, and it has paid off. I don’t think I have ever broken 40 on Verbal!!!!!

Breaking down my second test

Stupid mistakes on math let me down (got to remember to stay focused!). My Verbal misses were split between SC and CR (4 wrong in SC and 3 wrong in CR). If I can build up my stamina and endurance, I should be able to continue improving and get me to my finish line.

My action plan going forward

Now, my focus will be continued concentration on Verbal and also boost my testing endurance over the next 3 weeks. I will be utilizing Magoosh’s great question bank and video explanations to get me there. I also purchased the new OG GMAT 2015 (check out my top 6 key resources for the GMAT post)!!!!

I will also be ramping up my studying. Averaging 10 hours a week is not how a top MBA applicant does it!!!!


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20 Responses to “My Journey to 760 (Part 3) – The Breakthrough”

  1. Gmat Destroyer

    Hi Why did you purchase the OG 15 ? Do you think that there is anything different in it ? Pls comment.

  2. hugoness

    Congrats and keep going with the hard work! Nevertheless, I thought that 47+44 would be higher than 730

  3. topdogmba

    Very impressive my friend. I have faith in your ability to see this through!

    Out of interest, have you tried studying at different times of the day? I found weekday mornings to be best (although I HATED getting up an hour and a half earlier).

  4. Gmat Destroyer

    @grantmeadmission Can you please provide some feedback regarding the magoosh question bank ? I have around 30 days remaining and I am considering purchasing it for the question bank and video explanations. Awaiting your feedback before I decide. Also as per reviews from Manhattan and GmatClub the OG 2015 edition doesnt seem to contain any new questions, it only gives access to some online quiz engine. Can you please confirm this point ?

  5. texaswannabecali

    Congrats on the breakthrough!! Especially with only an average of 10 hours per week studying. You’re obviously really using your time wisely which is honestly more important that the actual amount of time. If you’re spending 20 hours a week studying but not improving, does it really matter?

    I know how that feels. I scored a 710 on my practice test yesterday for the first time and was extremely excited. 20 more points to go! Thanks again for the Magoosh recommendation. Absolutely love it

    What mock exam(s) have you been using by the way?

  6. Gmat Destroyer

    Waiting for some feedback regarding Magoosh.. Got around 30 days to invest. Please suggest folks.

  7. RoadToMyMBA

    Very good improvement!! I’m sure you will beat the GMAT. Truly an inspiration for us!


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