My Top 6 Key Resources for the GMAT

As I’m studying to improve my 710, I’ve gotten a lot of questions on what key GMAT resources one should get in order to achieve their dream score. In my opinion, here they are in order of importance:

1. Free GMATPrep Software – FREE
This software, provided by GMAC, provides THE BEST practice tests available, FOR FREE! You can get two more tests for $40 and extra questions for $30. You simply cannot get better questions/tests than from the official maker of the test/questions. Get the software on the official website:


gmat2. The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2015 – ~$50
This guide has over 900 REAL GMAT questions, 100 question diagnostic test, and access to an online test bank and videos. This is the only GMAT guide offered by the official makers of the GMAT (GMAC). This item has just been updated (in the last few months) and is a must have.


3. Magoosh Premium Test Prep Software – ~$99
Magoosh got me to a 710. I absolutely love this software (and the customer service is great!) Their instructional videos were key in developing my testing strategy, and they have more than 800 questions, ALL of which have video and text explanations. This is absolutely key in becoming smarter and getting your dream score. But don’t just take my word for it; Magoosh has 74 5-Star Reviews on



4. Manhattan’s 6 Computer Adaptive Practice Exams – ~$49
Second only to the Official GMAT tests. These are the only practice exams I trust (besides the OG ones). I do find the Quant to be a little bit harder though (their problems usually take a couple extra steps leading to using up too much time). Get 1-Year Access via this link:



EGT15. The Economist’s Online GMAT Tutor – ~$549
I am currently using this program (and it’s 50 point guarantee) to help get me to a 760. I have been REALLY enjoying it, and although it is a little expensive, if I can get a 760 it would be worth it. The teaching model is really strong, and it also comes with practice tests (that are decent quality). Enroll via this link:


6. Manhattan’s GMAT Books – Varies
These books are fantastic at helping GMAT takers become subject matter experts. I honestly do not believe there is anything better when it comes to GMAT prep in book form. Pro Tip: I purchased mine used from Amazon for really cheap!

There are many other GMAT resources available, however, in my opinion these 6 resources are the best and the key to getting a good score.

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4 Responses to “My Top 6 Key Resources for the GMAT”

  1. iVoRy

    Hi Grant,

    Just wondering about the economist GMAT score guarantee.
    As far as I know you get 710 again.
    Did you have any problems getting their refund?
    Or you plan to take the test again.


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