What SC Mistakes Am I Making? (AKA I hate Sentence Correction!)

ohnoI hate SC. It is the absolute worse, and I have NO idea why I am terrible at it. I missed two easy ones right off the bat (which really hurts the final score). In fact, I missed 4 out of the first 10 questions. If I had gotten them correct, I would have definitely gotten over a 700.


What mistakes did I make?


  1. “Such as VS like” – Okay,  this is an easy one. If you are using examples use “such as” and if you are describing use “like”
  2. Parallelism – Make sure series are using the same tense or part of speech (verb, noun, etc)
  3. Parallelism – Another parallelism mistakes????
  4. Redundancy – This one is a little tougher… make sure the sentence you choose isn’t reusing phrases etc. (that it truly is the best answer choice)
  5. Redundancy – Again????? Wow… I got to brush up….

My resources

I will continue to use The Economist’s GMAT Tutor (I have to get to 90% to take advantage of the Score Guarantee!), Magoosh’s test bank, and I will start working my way through Manhattan’s Sentence Correction. Yay.

Who are we kidding? Did we really think getting into a top B-School would be easy?!?!?!?!

I’m going to take you down SC!

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25 Responses to “What SC Mistakes Am I Making? (AKA I hate Sentence Correction!)”

  1. Scott Duncan

    The MGMAT SC guide is worth its weight in gold – you just have to have the patience to work through it. Excellent Terry Crews GIF by the way!

  2. kaushikvin

    Great blog! Don’t worry, as you practice more, you will start to see patterns on sentence correction. Was SC your weak point in your previous attempt? I mainly practiced official questions from OG13, VR2 and question pack 1- they are the most representative of type of questions you will see on the actual test.

  3. farhan

    I am spending sleepless night because of SC, grammar is my weak point and I used to write plays in college, wonder how that came about :S.

  4. jmtaves

    SC is a beast, I agree. I’ve got some posts coming up on the topic – hopefully that will help.

    Veritas Prep has two hours worth of free SC lessons on YouTube that I found quite valuable. Give them a look if you get bored with Magoosh and The Economist.


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