Trying to Tackle the HBS App


The last four weeks have been INSANE.

In my normal life: picked up an extra assignment outside of my division at work (small internal start-up), promoted in current job, picked up a part-time passion job, launching a two-month national non-profit initiative, and getting ready to finish a 6 month non-profit project next week.

In my applicant life: Started the HBS application, on my fifth revision of my HBS essay, second revision of my resume, half done with my online HBS application, targeting people for recommendations, reached the 58% completion mark of my The Economist’s GMAT Tutor program (43 hrs), and passed the 20K view mark on this blog.


The application season is starting to heat up, RAPIDLY!!!

It feels like every day an application goes live. I have been behind on which ones (I will probably be making a guide of which ones have gone live), but I know that I need to start creating my accounts and filling out my application. I feel like I am doing well on my essay journey (almost done with one), and have made a lot of progress on my resume (also almost done).

With only 67 days until my HBS app is due, my final hiccup is my choosing my recommender from work. I have three people to choose from, but not many people from my company (unbelievably) go to B-School full-time. Many people in my company are 30-year veterans who frown upon any type of leaving the company… Eventually I am going to have to bite the bullet, and ask someone. Oh boy…

Crazy B-School Trends of 2014/2015 Application Season

It seems like there have been a lot of changes this year. GMAC is letting people look at their scores before they “accept them.” Common recommendation questions are now being used, meaning less stress/work for your recommenders. Essay questions are disappearing. Schools are automatically admitting applicants if they have a blog (okay, maybe not this one… but I can dream, right?).

Which leads me to this thought….

What do you the reader want to read about?

What resource would you like to have? I have a compilation of all the professional essay analyses, the rankings of schools, class profiles, application deadlines, and my GMAT guide. Let me know in the comments, subscribe so you don’t miss it, and I’ll get cracking!

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17 Responses to “Trying to Tackle the HBS App”

    • GrantMeAdmission

      Glad you found it helpful… if you need any help, please reach out. I will do whatever I can… It was really tough for me last year, and I would love to help someone achieve their dream!

  1. topdogmba

    Nice going my friend. I’m think I’m past reading and just need to get on with writing (sometimes the online resources are a distraction and convince you you’re doing something useful). Having done it all last season is a big help and just knowing you bad myriad others are out there facing the same pressures is a big comfort. Let’s keep climbing!

    • GrantMeAdmission

      Honestly… just start writing… then return to it, rinse and repeat… you’ll get there. Just remember, it’s not going to happen in one sitting.

  2. texaswannabecali

    Wow how do you even have time to sleep!?!? You are quite the inspiration. Not only have you been making substantial progress in your normal and applicant life, but you also consistently update your blog. And the essay analysis links are a huge help! Keep it up!!

    When’s your GMAT test date?


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