How actual applicants are applying in 2014

How hungry are you? Let’s examine how some applicants are already attaching their applications!



MBA on My Mind: Road to Business School

One of my personal favorites and currently top on my list! MoMM created an AMAZING tally chart to compare their target schools and is currently studying for the GMAT. MoMM is on their to a cool 760 (which just so happens to be my target score!).



Currently my second favorite, twc is an AMAZING writer. She just chose her school list (via The Decision), and she is well on her way to UCLA! She is also on her GMAT journey, and she will be taking the GMAT next month as well!



EF Essays

My third favorite is EF Essays. Methodical, comprehensive and leaving no stone unturned, EFE is currently going over GMAT principles. I absolutely loved his post entitled “Why a Consulting Firm Should Hire Me” which shows how much though EFE has spent on his short term goals.


handScott Duncan

Scott Duncan is a newcomer to the blogosphere and gets straight to the heart of the matter. He is rebounding after 4 rejections and a wait list at MIT. His latest post gives a tear down of his MIT application essay, and it is AWESOME. I know his blog will become one of my favorites this year!


  • TopDogMBA: Currently offering a lot of great insight on different schools and their culture via “Think for yourself” series
  • Naija MBA Gal: Currently executing her plan, and studying for the GMAT.
  • under prescription: Just chose their schools, started their essays and is studying for GMAT
  • Road To My MBA: Brazil applicant with a few posts and a great attitude
  • Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves: Great writer (be awhile since the last post) and a fellow reapplicant

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14 Responses to “How actual applicants are applying in 2014”

  1. ramnathjk

    Can you please elaborate on the differences between round 1 and round 2 of the applications .. I am a newbie aspirant too .. This will really help me a lot .. Thanks in advance ..

    • GrantMeAdmission

      I plan on doing a blog post on that in the future.

      In general though, you shouldn’t be trying to apply more than 4-5 schools a round. Typically, it’s a good idea to have a mix of reach schools and safety schools in both rounds.

      My personal view is that your top choices should all be applied to earlier rather than later (due to waitlists etc).

      Make sure to subscribe to my blog, so you can get notified when the post comes out (I’ll try to do it next week IF NOT this week).

  2. pullingthatmbatrigger

    Ah, this is a good list! Thank you. Having just started documenting this entire process, I’m happy to see how everyone else is faring on this stressful ride.

  3. Babble

    Thank you, Grant Me Admission! 🙂 you are right on top of my list as well! How Is your prep coming along?

    • GrantMeAdmission

      I am approaching then end of 5 weeks (half way point) and I am about 57% complete in terms of the Economist’s GMAT Tutor…. This Sunday, I’m planning on taking my first CAT since I started studying again …. Not looking forward to it… When you planning on your CAT

      • Babble

        Great! I am about 40% in, had a rather unproductive week! 😦 plan to take my first CAT end of the month! Gearing up for the apps now. I am sooo strung out! 😦

      • GrantMeAdmission

        I totally feel you… :/ I have so much going on right now with work, non-profits, and various jobs… When is your test date? (Mine is 8/23)

      • Babble

        Sigh. But you know what, its going to be so worth it, when are accepted into our target schools (that’s the only thing that keeps me going)! 😀 I am taking it 9/15 based on my speed of my preparations!

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