I am Changing My School Selection

I thought I had settled on 6 schools . . . I guess not!

changeSo, I know, I know, I know… I said I was done picking schools . . . In my school selection post, I settled on 6 schools, which I then revisited in another post where I contemplated adding Kellogg based on my personality and short term goals.

After a lot of thought, and going back and forth I decided to add a couple of schools to my list. This post will explain not only WHY I am adding a couple schools, but HOW I plan on applying to eight schools in R1.

My Current Choices: 

  • Harvard
  • Wharton
  • MIT
  • Tuck
  • Duke
  • Yale

New Schools 

  • Kellogg
  • Berkeley

Why am I adding them?

  • Fit – I have absolutely loved my interaction with Kellogg alumni, and I think their culture is amazing. Their new intense focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is really great, and I can feel the deep passion that this school and their students have for business and making a difference. They also have a student blog that provides a great view of the school from a personal perspective. In short, “I LOVE KELLOGG.” I just have to plan my visit now!
  • Family – My parents (who live in Northern California aka NorCal) really want me to go to school near them. Not only would this help my budget, but it would be nice to be so close to the growing tech industry and Silicon Valley. Therefore, since I HIGHLY doubt I have the chops for Stanford, I will apply to Berkeley (a school that I have always loved, and got into for my undergrad).
  • Consortium – “But how will you apply to eight schools?” That is a great question. After much encouragement, I have decided to apply to Tuck, Yale, and Haas through the Consortium. The Consortium (for those that don’t know) allows applicant to apply to multiple schools with a common application. Not only is it cheaper, it really cuts down on the amount of recommendations, online applications, and essays you would have to normally complete. I will have to write three core essays, as well as any school specific essays that they require. With all my non-profit experience centered around diversity and inclusion, I believe I will be a strong applicant for this program.

New School List

Those marked with an asterisk (*) means I still need to visit the campus. Those marked with a (C) are Consortium schools.

  • Harvard
  • Wharton
  • Kellogg*
  • MIT
  • Tuck (C)
  • Duke*
  • Yale* (C)
  • Berkeley (C)

What do you think? Am I crazy for trying to apply to 8 schools in R1? What do you think of the Consortium strategy? Should I eliminate some schools on the list (or perhaps shift them to R2?).

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19 Responses to “I am Changing My School Selection”

  1. Babble

    8 schools is a lot! It isn’t impossible, but it will be a tad nerve-wracking. By the time I finish my B school tally, I am pretty sure I will have around 8 – 9 schools that I will want to apply to. What I am planning to do is, spread them across round 1 and 2. Get applications for Kellogg, Stanford , Yale and a ‘Safe School’ in by round 1. And the the rest in round 2. The way I see it, I’d rather focus on a few schools and submit bullet proof apps per round than stress about just getting them all through in round 1.

  2. domotron

    Shoot me a mail if you want to talk your strategy over but personally I think it’s too much. One thing I realised last year was that 5 apps to top10 were too many in hind sight. I didn’t actually fit that well with all of them. Throw in time lost for going out to interviews, it was really a tight schedule even though I spaced my apps out between 3x R1, 1x Nov round and 1x R2.

    Granted most of the apps have been reduced down this year but definitely think deeply about whether you are truly a great fit for all those schools. Looking back, I know I sure as hell weren’t and actually that was time I could have spent more wisely on the schools that I really fitted.

    As for going the Consortium route with Tuck, I have no idea about how that is perceived. See if you can reach out to any 2nd years who went through the consortium process to see whether it is the right route. Just thinking aloud, going EA after being on the reduced waitlist puts out a really strong message that Tuck is a top choice whereas going down the consortium route (with common apps) may not.

    • texaswannabecali


      Are you saying you shouldn’t apply to your top choice through the Consortium? Or are you referring to Tuck specifically? UCLA is my number one and I was planning to apply through the Consortium as well.

      I never considered how using a common app can affect a school’s perception

      • domotron

        No absolutely not. Consortium is a great equaliser and just as good of an option as regular applications for most applicants. It’s just in this case he had already applied last year (not via consortium) so I don’t know whether the change will make an impression one way or the other

    • GrantMeAdmission

      Hmmmm, so my only worry is that if I go with Tuck EA, that gets coupled with the EA deposit deadline… which won’t allow me to see how my other R1 apps do….

      • domotron

        Which school(s) would that be? From memory, EA decision was on the same week as most of the other b-schools and the deposit wasn’t due until sometime in January (~30 days after decision).

        Totally up to you but just want to give you the best shot at getting into Tuck! Just let me know if you want to talk over anything.

  3. Kellogg School Admin

    Great to hear that you are considering Kellogg! Please let us know if we can answer any questions for you. Hope to see you on campus soon!

    Learn more about visiting Kellogg: http://kell.gg/ft-visit

    Lauren, Kellogg Community Manager

      • Kellogg School Admin

        September is a great time to visit! Fall quarter classes start on September 22nd, so any time after that campus will be busy.

        Please let us know if we can answer any other questions for you!

        Lauren, Kellogg Community Manager

  4. texaswannabecali

    Yay another fellow Berkeley applicant! 8 schools in Round 1 or altogether? That is quite alot, but if you’re starting early, I don’t see why it can’t be done.

  5. sciMBA

    Good luck! I saw some of your posts on GMAT Club and found my way to your site. FWIW, I agree with domotron. I’m not sure I’d apply through the Consortium as a re-applicant. Applying independently (and early) might be a better bet.
    Your list has some of the largest and smallest b-schools out there. Is program size a factor for you? If so, you might use that to whittle down the list, if necessary.

    • GrantMeAdmission

      Program size is not really a factor for me. Smaller programs offer a lot of quality opportunities while larger programs offer a higher quantity (and sometimes quality too). To me Culture is King!


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