Admission Consultant – Yes or No?



Just because you are a great player, doesn’t mean you will win a championship. Sometimes, you need a good coach too.

One of the key items I contemplated this year was choosing a consultant. After researching many firms, I chose three (Critical Square, Admissionado, mbaMission) based on feedback from friends and contacts, as well as gmatclub reviews.

After putting together a small table of information (located in my previous posts), I requested free profile consultations from each firm, where I focused on the competitiveness of my profile, my logic behind my school choice strategy, and their ability to improve my chances at getting into a top school.

Ultimately, out of the three I chose, I decided to go with the Admissionado team. However, with that being said, I took a good hard look at my application plan and my budget. At the end of the day, I really couldn’t make the numbers work. While I think EVERY firm I spoke with was worth the money, I couldn’t make it work for me.

A few people have asked me, why I chose the three firms that I did. I made my choice of three partly from personal recommendations and partly chance. I could have just as easily gone with Clear Admit, Aringo, Stacy Blackman or, ALL of which have excellent track records and provide amazing materials for applicants (make sure you check out their sites!). In fact, Clear Admit offers a course (and an app) which is REALLY helpful. It is on udemy.

So, now I start.

I believe this journey just got a bit tougher.

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3 Responses to “Admission Consultant – Yes or No?”

  1. farful

    I used Admissionado’s services myself for Yale SOM (Jr. Deluxe and not with Spencer) without any luck – didn’t even get an interview. Hopefully you’ll have better results with them 🙂

  2. HopefullyIwill

    I am going to use an admission consultant because I simply do not have the network of friends or people I know who would be able to help me with the kind of feedback or coaching I need. I think it’s a good idea if you could spare the money…I will only be able to get help on one application but keep in mind that some of these firms offer discount that may not be publicly advertised. (you can kind of negotiate with them a little bit).


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