What are my chances? (Part 2 of 2)


What are my chances? Probably the most asked question in the MBA application game. This post is the second part of my first post on my chances, and we will re-examine my profile in light of professional guidance given to me by MBA network, former adcom and consultants.

My profile:

  • Work Experience: 5.5 years at a Fortune 50 at Matriculation
  • Age: 28 at Matriculation
  • GMAT: 710 (Q49 Q38) AWA 6.0, IR 7
  • School: West Coast state school with regional recognition
  • Major: Accounting BS, Cum Laude
  • GPA: 3.7
  • Background: I received a full-ride scholarship to a regionally prominent state school, and now work for a major F50 manufacturing company. I am a graduate of their finance leadership rotation program, and have worked in multiple divisions and financial functions with international experience.
  • Extracurricular: I have 4 years with a national leadership role in a non-profit centered on leadership skills in minorities and various other leadership roles in organizations inside and outside of work. I also regularly conduct leadership/teamwork workshops for non-profits and corporations, and I have been a very passionate mentor for over 20 young professionals and college students.
  • Leadership: I have had multiple leadership roles in my work environment and in my extracurricular activities. The largest team I have led was around 25 people. Unfortunately, I have never been a manager with my company.

My Chances [Updated]:

  • Profile: Unanimously, everyone seemed to feel that my profile was strong enough to get into the top schools. Looking back at my “waitlist to eternity” at Tuck, many feel that my resume could have been better structured and that my essays should have used a different approach.
  • GMAT: Many people were split on the competitiveness of my 710 GMAT. Although, both Quant and Verbal scores were above the 80 percentile, some felt that I HAVE to retake the GMAT to be competitive. However, EVERYONE did agree that if I felt I could take it again and get higher score that I should do so.
  • Extracurricular: Everyone seemed really impressed with how much time I spend giving back to the community. They felt that I perhaps did not spend enough time explaining WHY I gave back and WHAT drives me to help others. They believed if I had used this approach in interviews and essays, my result at Tuck would have been more positive.
  • Essays: Ultimately, everyone felt that I could have done a better job on my essays. I focused far too much on the WHAT and not enough on the WHY. I will be looking to greatly improve this portion of my applications.
My Profile 710 3.70 5.5
Harvard 727 4.0 932 12%
Wharton 725 5.0 837 20%
Sloan 720 5.0 404 13%
Tuck 720 3.50 5.0 277 21%
Fuqua 700 3.46 5.5 437 26%
Yale 710 3.57 291 21%
*Kellogg 710 477 20%

*If you would like to see all the class profiles of the Top 20 schools, check them out here: 2015 Class Profiles

The next steps are clear: get some professional guidance on my essays and kill the GMAT. Piece of cake…. not really!

Time to get to work! 

4 Responses to “What are my chances? (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. An MBA Applicant

    Hi, just wanna say your profile looks really good and I am sure you’ll get into at least one of the schools! I am applying to six schools too this year: Harvard, Wharton, Booth, Sloan, Fuqua and Yale SOM. Who knows, maybe we’ll be classmates in the future!

    My profile looks somewhat similar to yours: 3.7 GPA, BA in Econ from a top public school and 740 GMAT. My WE is in Strategy Consulting though (4 years at Matriculation). I think your EC will be a great differentiator! I am almost done with HBS application myself. Good luck to us both!

      • An MBA Applicant

        Yep, all R1 for me. Might push Booth and Duke to R2 if I ran out of time. So far so good though! *fingers crossed*. I highly recommend making your EC one of the pillars for your application! It sounds really interesting. My EC is rather low impact compared to yours.

        For me, I’m fortunately quite a strong case for diversity (citizen of an underrepresented country) and I do have a rather unique background story. Hopefully I can craft a really good essay to convey it!

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