MBA Resource Rundown: Overall Process

Over the next few weeks I will list resources pertaining to various elements of the MBA application process. They will be grouped in the Resource tab above.

resource This week is the Overall Application Process. Here are a few ESSENTIAL resources that I have utilized with brief descriptions and prices.

*I do not get any kickbacks from any these companies; this is based purely on my opinion and use.


    • Poets & Quants: Up-to-date information on business schools, insider knowledge articles, and features many big name interviews.
    • gmatclub: Fantastic forums with engaged members, MANY free application resources, and great gmat practice questions and tests.
    • BeattheGMAT: A lot of resources in regards to the GMAT and many active message boards.
    • Various resources available for the entire process, with adcom input and a lot of essay/application analysis given in their blog.
    • Clear Admit: A lot of great resources available for the entire application process, and they also offer a pretty good video series.


    • 2014 MBA Guide by gmatclub (FREE) – This PDF download is a compilation of gmatclub forum legends, admission consultants, and various adcom members. Did I mention it’s free? This is an AMAZING resource!
    • The Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide by mbaMission ($16.89) – This guide is really worth the money in my opinion. It has EVERYTHING in it, and breaks down your schedule day-by-day.
    • MBA Admission for Smarties by ($14.19) – Straight-forward, this admissions guide is written by former adcom and will really help you position yourself for your applications.

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5 Responses to “MBA Resource Rundown: Overall Process”

  1. Albert

    Hey I really enjoy your blog and I have it bookmarked in my browser. I’m a college senior right now and I would also like to acquire an elite MBA. I have an FLDP position at a F500 such as yours lined up after graduation but I also have an audit position at one of the Big4 lined up as well.

    If my goal is to get an MBA four years down the road, which position would you recommend most? The FLDP is more finance-related, the audit position is more accounting-related but I would rise quicker with more promotions.

    • GrantMeAdmission

      I am familiar with the FLDP! (If it’s the one I’m thinking about).

      Let me give you some background and then my recommendation:
      +Adcom likes “brand names”; (Big 4 vs other F500… which is more recognizable?)
      +Adcom likes promotions
      +Adcom like international experience

      My recommendation: Going off of the data you have given me, my recommendation is the audit position at a Big 4 with the promotions. Especially, if your FLDP is in the Aerospace industry (which is not doing that great right now). Hope this helps.

      • Albert

        Thanks I appreciate the advice. I have a few months to make the decision so no pressure yet. I’ll be following your posts closely, hopefully you find success.

  2. labraham593

    Thank you for including both and MBA Admission for Smarties on your list of resources. I appreciate it.

    Once slight correction regarding MBA Smarties: Neither of the authors (Judy Gruen and I) are former adcom. We have been admissions consultants since 1996 and 1994 respectively.

    Thanks again.

    Linda Abraham


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