Why I’m retaking the GMAT after getting a 710

GrantMeAdmission you got a 710, and you are retaking the GMAT? Are you crazy?!?!”


I’m sure that is what many of you are thinking. Let me [attempt to] explain myself and provide [what I believe are] legitimate reasons…

  1. Applying with my best – Don’t get me wrong, 710 is great score, but it’s not my best. (I know that I completely messed up my verbal; I bombed one entire RC section and momentarily lost my focus.) This year, I want to KNOW I gave it my very best, which is in tune with my general work philosophy… “leave it all out on the court.”
  2. Score Guarantee – There are a few GREAT websites out there that offer +50 point guarantees and work at your own pace plans. MagooshGMAT PillEconomist, and Optimus Prep all offer guarantees (make sure you read the fine print!). I will be using The Economist’s GMAT Tutor to turn my 710 to a 760 (supplementing it with my Magoosh material and gmatclub tests).
  3. HUGE upside potential – A better chance of admission is not the only upside. Generally, those with higher GMAT’s get scholarship/fellowship money, better internship opportunities, and there is always a possibility for me to become a GMAT tutor with a high enough score. I would love to create a non-profit GMAT tutor start-up to help others get to their dreams.
  4. Making time is possible – With my ~45 hr week job, ~20 hr non-profit, ~10 hr side projects, ~5 hr networking investments, I can make the time. If someone can work 80-100 a week on Wall Street, I can find the time.
  5. I will not let myself make excuses – “Studying for the GMAT is terrible/difficult/hard” is a bulls*** excuse that I found myself internally thinking. Not okay this time around.

With a huge upside opportunity and no risk, the choice is clear to me to retake the GMAT.

I do want to emphasize that these are MY REASONS. Everyone’s profile is different; everyone’s abilities are different. However, I do believe the philosophy of getting into a great is the same for everyone – GIVE YOUR BEST. And I feel that a 710 is not mine.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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5 Responses to “Why I’m retaking the GMAT after getting a 710”

  1. vpamorim

    Great thoughts man! I appreciate your self-confidence and willing to get the best of you. Keep it up!

  2. MBAreapplicant84

    I can definitely relate to wanting to apply with your best. I ended up retaking the GMAT a couple times. It was frustrating because I was scoring higher on practice tests than I was on the real thing, but it came to a point where my time was better spent on focusing on other aspects of my application. I think the key is finding that balance. The GMAT is just one aspect of your application, albeit an important one. Just make sure that the rest of your applications do not suffer because of the time spent on prepping for the GMAT. I am sure you will do great, it seems like you have thoroughly thought things through. Good luck! Keep us posted.

    • GrantMeAdmission

      I definitely do NOT want to get in that loop and definitely recognize at the end of the day that the GMAT is only one element of my profile. If I didn’t mess up on that one RC, I honestly wouldn’t have minded a 710. But I really do feel like I can do better… I guess we’ll find out! Hahah

      Thanks for the words of encouragement and advice; they are needed and wanted!

  3. cavegirlmba

    Good thoughts, even though 710 is already enough to impress admissions committees. On the other hand, I am not sure 760 would impress them even more. And my biggest concern is that perfectionism makes b’school even more difficult to bear.


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