What are my chances? (Part 1 of 2)


What are my chances? Probably the most asked question in the MBA application game. In this post, we will examine my profile to understand how I compare to the typical applicant in my “Sweet Six Schools” in which I am applying.

My profile:

  • Work Experience: 5.5 years at a Fortune 50 at Matriculation
  • Age: 28 at Matriculation
  • GMAT: 710 (Q49 Q38) AWA 6.0, IR 7
  • School: West Coast state school with regional recognition
  • Major: Accounting BS, Cum Laude
  • GPA: 3.7
  • Background: I received a full-ride scholarship to a regionally prominent state school, and now work for a major F50 manufacturing company. I am a graduate of their finance leadership rotation program, and have worked in multiple divisions and financial functions with international experience.
  • Extracurricular: I have 4 years with a national leadership role in a non-profit centered on leadership skills in minorities and various other leadership roles in organizations inside and outside of work. I also regularly conduct leadership/teamwork workshops for non-profits and corporations, and I have been a very passionate mentor for over 20 young professionals and college students.
  • Leadership: I have had multiple leadership roles in my work environment and in my extracurricular activities. The largest team I have led was around 25 people. Unfortunately, I have never been a manager with my company.

My Chances:

  • General: Although my GMAT is slightly lower than the average, I will be retaking the GMAT to help in this area. I definitely feel that I make up with my GPA and WE. Although my company isn’t a typical “feeder” company, it is very well known. In fact, my company is particularly “hot” right now and is very well known.
  • Harvard: This school will be tough. Although my company is huge, it is not known to be one of the “main feeders” into HBS; however it is a company that HBS has featured in numerous case studies. I am hoping that my “unorthodox” background will be attractive enough to entice them to select me.
  • Wharton: The new Wharton culture is great, and I am a big believer in their group interview process. I believe this new emphasis on collaboration coupled with my strong quantitative background will make the equation work for this school.
  • MIT: This school has been known to be an “engineering” school. Although I am not part of that particular function, I do work at an “engineering” company, and absolutely love working with engineers. I’m hoping that my WE background will help me seal the deal.
  • Tuck:  I feel I am a great cultural fit for the school, with my focus on leadership, teamwork, and soft skills. I feel that my improvements with my MBA interview skills and essays will help me get to the admit finish line this time.
  • Duke: Duke’s Fuqua has an amazing “hands-on” culture that fosters collaborative teams finding innovative solutions. I think I have a strong chance to show how I am a perfect fit for their MBA class.
  • Yale: Yale’s SOM keeps getting better every year! While I hate the term “safety school,” I am hoping that I will have an easier time showing Yale that I can be a great addition to their phenomenal class.
  • *Kellogg: I am still debating adding Kellogg or swapping it for MIT (similar tier). They produce the highest percentage of consultants and have a PHENOMENAL culture. I believe that I would fit in well, but am not sure if my manufacturing background will be attractive enough to them.


My Profile 710 3.70 5.5
Harvard 727 4.0 932 12%
Wharton 725 5.0 837 20%
Sloan 720 5.0 404 13%
Tuck 720 3.50 5.0 277 21%
Fuqua 700 3.46 5.5 437 26%
Yale 710 3.57 291 21%
*Kellogg 710 477 20%

*If you would like to see all the class profiles of the Top 20 schools, check them out here: 2015 Class Profiles

I plan on meeting with several consulting agencies for their free 30 minute consultation offers. I will report back with their feedback, and my next steps in regards to my MBA journey.

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6 Responses to “What are my chances? (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. Vinicius

    Keep it up with you great blog!! I’m considering to start to write about my mba journey inspired by you!

  2. texaswannabecali

    You seem to have a great profile and even though you’re retaking the GMAT for a higher score, I would love getting a 710 on my first attempt. What do you think kept you from being admitted to Tuck? Do adcoms offer feedback on your applications so you know what can be improved for next time?

    • GrantMeAdmission

      Tuck is one of the few schools that offers feedback on waitlists and dings. They said that “there is a chance you could be more competitive if your GMAT was higher.” I will be reaching out to them for more feedback in the coming months as they finalized the 2016 class.

  3. Albert

    I’m curious, what position are you at now after your rotation program? Senior associate?

    • GrantMeAdmission

      Unfortunately, the industry I work in is VERY slow; in fact the average employee age is over 50. However, for a comparable company based on my skills and responsibilities, I would be considered a senior associate.


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