The First Post

Who am I?

I am young corporate (Fortune 50) finance guy that is a graduate of a leadership rotation program. I have always dreamed of going to a top MBA program and have structured my life to support that journey (making plenty of mistakes along the way). After graduating from a college in California and working for two years, I found a job transfer to the East Coast so I could visit schools and complete my research. In fact, I actually applied to one school (Tuck at Dartmouth College) and was waitlisted (for 5 months). The process totally caught me off guard, and going into it left me dazed and confused. Now that the practice round is over, I feel confident and ready to take on the challenge that is the BAP (B-School Application Process or Bloody Awful Process)!

Why am blogging?

Accountability. For one, I know that sharing my experience will keep me accountable. I will be less likely to make those “less smart” decisions of slacking off and more likely to make those “great” decisions of networking, researching, writing, studying, and pondering. I view this blog like a less interesting Game of Thrones (hopefully with fewer characters getting killed off), and want to make sure that I make this “season” interesting (AKA get into a great school AND/OR get my seat on the Iron Throne).

Benefit. I am hoping that this blog will provide a lot of benefit for not only myself, but others as well. I don’t write creatively for work, and I definitely need the practice. Also, a blog will allow me to put my thoughts on “paper” and iron out my strategy. By providing insight on the process, I hope readers will be able to quickly find the help they need to get into their dream school. There are A LOT of great (free) resources out there, and I am hoping to provide an organized one-stop shop as well as touch on some paid resources that are indispensable.

Catharsis. The B-School Application process can be VERY stressful (especially being on the waitlist for 5 months). Sharing my thoughts will provide relief (at least that’s what my blog heroes MBA Over 30, Boots to Suits, and Domotron tell me).

So what do I hope to do?

Get in to a top MBA program and help others do the same. Period.



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